Retail In-store branding

Signature store id's with marketing promotions.  

IBR offers video & audio ads instore, online & mobile. 

Innovation Starts with IBR!

Tune in to our in-store locations to hear and see what they are listening to right now!  IBR provides real time instore advertising that streams not only in but out of the business locations.  In store advertisements are cross advertised across our growing network of busy locations to one another's clientele.  Customers love what they hear and share via social media further sharing our networks clients and branding increasing exposure to their businesses.    Social Media real-time advertising is just a click away!    It's affordable, unique and One of a Kind!  Each store location can play what they want, when they want it!  Ask us how it works!  

The joys of music!


Listen in the car

Radio advertising you can afford!


Scan me, keeping your customers connected!


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